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Perth International Arts Festival
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Many of the events appearing at the 2012 Perth Festival are currently touring the world. 

Please click on the links below to access previous press reviews.

Beautiful Burnout

I only hope that the rest of Jonathan Holloway's first festival has other shows as good as this. It will have none better. THE WEST AUSTRALIAN 

[A] high-energy mix of theatre, dance and music. THE GUARDIAN

Super Night Shot

Alternately poignant and funny, this innovative form of theatre-making taps into people's secret hope that their big night out will lead to adventure and romance. They too may be heroes. THE AUSTRALIAN


If the mere idea of therapy sessions has you running for the exit, Spain's Teatro de los Sentidos has come up with a poetic and immensely pleasurable alternative in Oraculos. THE AUSTRALIAN

Jack Charles v The Crown

A standing ovation. THE COURIER MAIL

Lucinda Childs' DANCE

A clear, no-frills beauty; sharp intelligence that's a little unreadable; great underlying structure. THE GUARDIAN

The Red Tree

Pure imaginative gold ... By the end of the show all those leaves come alive, and so do we. PERTH NOW


The carefree energy and sensuality - which the French manage oh so effortlessly - sets the scene for Christophe Honore's musical. WESTERN SUBURBS WEEKLY


A pungent mixture of the hilarious, the almost unbelievable and the rather sad. THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN

Le Havre

With its bouncy soundtrack, deadpan humor and good-natured disposition, Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki’s Le Havre is an endearing affair. INDIEWIRE