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The White Divers of Broome – Sarah Roberts
The white Divers of Broome was a didactic and enthralling play.The start of the play which opens with Regina talking as what is assumed a newspaper post filling is in on what has happened in Broome and the major impacts of the White Australian Policy;which is trying to make Australians do the work that the immigrants to Australia are doing. This means the end to cheap labour and harsh conditions as it would be viewed harshly if an English-Australian were to die on the boats.
The play follows the lives of Beasily, Webber and Sanders who come to Piggot oyster farm  to work. Piggot has paid for their insurance and getting them here and has hight hopes for them as they are white Australians.
Yet due to circumstances he has to lay off many foreign workers who work for little pay and are very good in looking for the mother of pearl.

Because of this we meet Nishe who has a young wife and child who will not be fed due to the white Australian policy. The subtitles that we  up when they talked in their native tongues were helpful but a bit annoying as they were acting as they said it.

Two of the divers die and the third Beasily(who at the start didn't like the idea of diving with his only salvation being an old crippled Chinese man named Bin) and with the play ending it kind of puts into point should the white Australian policy really work or does it fail fantastically? And does it still happen today? What Truth does this reveal about Australian society today? And what exactly does this mean if we as a nation are to move forward are we to accept our past? Is this still happening today?