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Perth International Arts Festival
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Perth Writers Festival
Danielle Benda

From the Program Manager, Danielle Benda

The act of reading may well be largely solitary, and yet there are few activities that provide the opportunity to so effectively connect with others and engage with the carefully composed and crafted thoughts of another. We reach across the written word – in books or newspapers, magazines, eReaders or iPads – to explore ideas, to start arguments, to rail against injustice, to expose each other, to console each other and to discover our common ground. We read because we are interested in ideas.

To that end, you will notice many issues-based sessions at this Festival that invite you to delve into the minds of some of our finest writers and thinkers to explore some of the ideas that collectively concern us now.

You will also have the chance to immerse yourself in some fine literature, to meet some of the very best new writers and to consider the mechanics of well-crafted fiction. Language goes to the very heart of our identity, an observation that has particular resonance for Noongar people in Western Australia and which will be explored further over this weekend.

With sessions on crime writing, memoir, biography, politics and art, food, the media and sport, I hope that no matter what ideas interest you, you will find something for you at our wonderful Festival. Enjoy.

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